Make the World a Happier Place…

I’ve learned many things while traveling, but one of the most important things I’ve learned is to talk to people. A simple action that creates great joy.

Wherever my travels take me, near or far, I do these three simple things: make eye contact, smile and say hello. It is a truly wonderful thing.

On a recent trip to Santa Fe with my dear friend, Jeannie, we attended a cooking class at the Santa Fe School of Cooking. We sat at a table set for 4. A lovely woman approached and asked to join us. My friend and I were tickled she asked and said, “yes, please!” We learned she was traveling with her husband on a business trip and was keeping herself busy while he worked. We had a great time visiting with her. So much so, she asked if we would join her at the farmers market the following morning. Sadly, we had other plans.

At another table was a large family attending the class. The group included three twenty-something gentlemen. When the chef asked for volunteers two of them volunteered. They were a joy to watch! Their energy made my heart swell.

Later, in the bathroom, I overheard the mother of one of the boys (which I learned were cousins) say he lived in Hilo, HI. I quickly spoke up and shared I had a friend who taught school in Hilo. Back in class, I spoke with the young man and we discussed the exotic fruits in Hilo and Hawaii. So much fun! We bid farewell and went on our way.

The next night, Jeannie and I were waiting for a table at Tomasita’s Restaurant. The waiting area was standing room only. We were finally able to squeeze onto the bench. I struck up a conversation with a gentleman sitting next to me. He shared that he was with a group of 5 couples who rented a van from Costco and drove to Santa Fe from Laredo, TX! The group travels together once a year and have known each other since elementary school. Over 40 years!

Then get this!! As I am talking with the gentleman from Laredo, the two guys from the cooking class walk by! We all laughed and greeted each other. They gave us recommendations on what to order for dinner and headed in their way.

At last, our table was ready and we said goodbye to the traveling ten.

“What is the point?”, you ask. The point is this: spread joy! We weren’t created to live a solitary life. Smile, talk, share life with others.

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  1. Donna says:

    If only everyone shared your joy for life, what a terrific world it would be!


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