The Clock is Ticking…

…not THAT clock! The time-to-visit-the-State-Fair-of-Texas clock. The State Fair of Texas ends on October 23! That is only 7 days.

My Fair Faves

The Texas Skyway is a great way to see the fairgrounds and surrounding areas from above. The aerial track floats above the Midway in both directions between the stations located in the Midway and at Big Tex. The gondolas are roomy and wheelchair/stroller accessible. I recommend starting at the Midway station. The view of downtown Dallas is amazing and your ability to get an unobstructed photo is better. The cost is 10 tickets each direction.

Fiestas de Marionetas is a vibrant and engaging show for all ages. Located in the McDonald’s Amphitheater, the show is performed by more than 75 handmade marionettes celebrating Latin American culture with song and dance. Prepare to be delighted. You might even see some celebrities!

Feeling the need for speed? The RAM TRX Thrill Ride is what you need. No coupons are required, but you will need to show your driver’s license and sign a waiver. Buckle yourself in. Secure your iPhone into the handy windshield mount. And HOLD ON as the truck navigates banked turns and then gains speed (and by ‘gains speed’ I mean zero to lightning fast) and jettisons over a couple of hills! It was fast and crazy! The ride is located on Grand Ave. just before you get to Gate 5.

The Kroger Starlight Parade is all new and better than ever. Lights, music, Budweiser Clydesdales, and unicorns. All with Big Tex overseeing it all. I like to view from in front of Big Tex. Look for the yellow-striped path and secure your spot before it starts.

After the parade, make your way over to the Esplanade for the Mattress Firm Illumination Sensation! Find a good seat facing the Automotive Building. You will be entertained by dancers and acrobats. Then you will be wowed by the lights and firework show. What a way to end the night!

I haven’t forgotten about the food. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too excited about the 2022 Big Tex Choice Awards this year. The only dish I tried was the Fried Charcuterie Board. I thought it was just meh. I was in line for a cherry-dipped waffle cone at Once Upon a Cone but saw the special of the day was a butterscotch-dipped cone. Well, I couldn’t resist that butterscotch. It was all I dreamed it would be. You can go wrong with a Fletcher’s Corny Dog drizzled with mustard and a shaken lemonade. Just make sure you get your lemonade from a spot that used simple syrup; not Sprite or 7 UP. It makes a difference. My favorite bite is the Crispy Crazy Corn a Big Tex Choice Award 2021 Finalist. I don’t know how Ruth’s and Smokey John’s BBQ do it! Each little kernel is individually battered and fried. They sprinkle the little gems with a secret blend of seasoning. But wait…it gets better. The corn is topped with pulled pork, pineapple slaw, and a drizzle of jalapeño crema and fresh cilantro. Literal heaven on a fork.

Get out to the fair while you can. A couple of more things: Take the DART. It drops you off right out front of the fair. Don’t sweat and stress yourself about using up all of those coupons. Save them for next year. They don’t expire.

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