Loulou’s Griddle in the Middle – Monterey, CA


Loulou’s Griddle in the Middle was recommended by a local Monterey resident.  What do you call someone from Monterey? A Montereyan?  We arrived when the doors opened. I am glad we did as the diner’s 3 booths, 8 counter seats and 5 tables outside were taken within minutes of our arrival.


A bait shop originally, the brightly colored diner sits on Wharf #2.  While we dined, we were entertained by the constant stream of seafood trucks rolling backwards down the wharf loading up with seafood.  Our friendly waitress shared it was squid season.


My daughter, Kate, order the crab cake and eggs.  The eggs were fluffy and the Loulou’s potatoes were just right. The crab cake was palatable, not sure it was fresh.


I ordered two eggs over-medium.  They were perfectly cooked.  Again the potatoes rocked. I really loved their version of pico de gallo.  They replaced the cilantro with basil and sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top. I will definitely make this at home.


We also split the signature hubcap pancake. My oh my!  It arrived steaming hot with its edges hanging over the plate.  I have no idea how they cooked a pancake that large evenly on the inside, but they did. Bravo.


I am so glad we took our friends advice and dined at Loulou’s. It was a winner. Did anyone notice the Fiestaware?  Love!

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