The Pork Store – San Francisco, CA

On our last morning in San Francisco we LYFTed to Haight Street. We met my friend and fabulous photographer, Debra, for breakfast at the Pork Store. I LOVE the name. It was a cute little place decorated with vintage posters. The stained glass over the entrance is really amazing. We were there early so we had our pick of seats. We chose the front window for the view. Not much happening on Haight at 8:30 AM on a Monday.


I ordered the piggy special. Two eggs with french toast and sausage. The eggs were scrambled perfectly and yummy. One of the slices of french toast was overcooked but the other was really tasty. Look at that buttery syrup! I was so excited about the sausage because I could tell it was freshly made and it was huge! Unfortunately, it was too salty. The coffee was bold and bottomless. I give the Pork Store 3.5 out of 5 oinks.


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