Cafe Brazil – Carrollton, TX

I am a fan of Café Brazil and have visited a few of their locations in the area.  I like that they support local artists by displaying their work.  The restaurant was clean and bright.

A friend and I arrived for an early dinner around 4 PM.  There were only two other tables occupied.  The server greeted us and said we could have the table of our choice.  We chose a table and ordered our drinks.  Our server brought our drinks quickly.  Then we waited and waited for her to come back and take our order.  She and the manager were standing behind the counter talking.  The manager looked over a couple of times but just resumed his conversation.  Finally, she took our order.

I ordered a spinach salad.  The food took forever to arrive.  In the meantime, a VERY large party of 14 or so was seated.  Our waitress was moving tables to accommodate the guests and taking their drink orders.  Meanwhile,  the manager was meandering about with an iPad.  I heard the bell ring in the kitchen.  I assumed it was our order as the other two tables had left and the large party was just getting their drinks.  I looked at the manager hoping he would put the iPad down and bring our food.  He didn’t.  It was another 3 minutes before our food was delivered.

The salad was forgettable.  Spinach thrown on a plate with mushrooms, cucumber and tomatoes.  There were a few tiny croutons and a smattering of feta cheese.  The bacon pieces were overcooked and hard.  The “tangy raspberry balsamic vinaigrette” was beyond tangy…it was inedible.  I love balsamic vinegar but this was awful.  I caught the server and ordered a side of Ranch dressing.  It helped, but not enough.  We asked for the check, paid and left.

Next time I will return to another location.  Sad.

IMG_1409 (2)

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