JennyCakes Bakery – Kensington, MD


A visit to Kensington, MD would not be complete without a stop at JennyCakes Bakery. This place is small but mighty. They carry a great selection of cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies and bars.


I grew up eating Magic Bars as a kid. My stepmom made them often and these are just as good as hers. The bottom layer is a yummy, sweet, salty graham cracker crust. Then the crust is topped with condensed milk, chocolate chips, pecans and coconut. It’s magic all right. Every last bite of it.


This cookie didn’t even make it to the house! I couldn’t resist it moist, chewy goodness. I ate it in the car! Don’t judge. I HAD to.


My absolute favorite cake or cupcake is German chocolate. JennyCakes does it right. Look at that scoop of frosting. For an appetizer I eat the sweet, chewy frosting first. I finish up with the moist, chocolate cake. Nom, nom.


The next cupcakes I didn’t try personally; but I can tell you there was not one crumb left.


Below is the almond coconut.


JennyCakes also offers gluten-free and vegan options. This place has something for everyone! Greatness.

Until next time…have fun and eat it up!


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