Morning After Brunch – Dallas, TX

IMG_2791Dallas is home to many foodie events, but one of my favorites has to be The Dallas Observer’s Morning After Brunch.  I mean come on! Who wouldn’t eat breakfast every meal of the day? I sure would. I have had the pleasure of attending this event for the two years it has been around. Here are my top bites from the many, many yummy offerings.

Ojeda’s Restaurant was serving up some darn good breakfast tacos with salsa. That chicle was a nice touch!IMG_2798

Lucky’s Café offered a kabob of chicken and waffle with a drizzle of syrup.IMG_2800

Pollo Campero fried up some of their citrus-infused chicken and slapped it on a bun with some amazing dressing!IMG_2811

Go Loco Street Tacos and Burritos did not disappoint with their choice of fajita beef, grilled chicken or barbacoa filling with either flour or corn tortillas. I chose the beef fajita on corn with queso and homemade salsa. Olé!IMG_2818

Full Circle Tavern brought back their winning biscuit and gravy with their FCT bacon.  The the lip crack freebie is always appreciated!IMG_2821

Dot’s Hop House and Cocktail Courtyard served up their version of avocado toast with their avocado bruschetta. IMG_2823

Another familiar dish was Asian Mint’s bacon-fried rice…savory and comforting.IMG_2832

My favorite sweet bite of the day had to be City Council Restaurant and Bar’s Fruity Pebbles French Toast. Oh dear goodness! Sweet, creamy, crunchy, tart. Heaven in a bite. IMG_2827

Keep your eye and ears open for next year’s brunch event. You won’t want to miss this baby!  Until then…just eat it up!

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