Beach House – Pacific Grove, CA

On a recommendation from a local Monterey resident we gave the Beach House a try.  The restaurant was beautiful.  The signature lanterns hung from the ceilings and there are tons of windows with magnificent views.


The Feast of Lanterns Firecracker Shrimp were all they were supposed to be…crispy, spicy and bite-sized.  I could have eaten these little guys for my dinner!


We also ordered the calamari.  Perfectly breaded and fried.  They were served with two sauces: a spicy one with hints of chili sauce and horseradish and the other a mayo base with dill.  I love condiments!


Main courses:

The sauteed king salmon was seared on the outside and moist on the inside.  The peas, mushrooms and carrots were fresh and colorful.  All atop creamy mashed potatoes.


I opted for the grilled shrimp rigatoni with basil cream.  It arrived hot and cooked al dente.  The shrimp were tender, not rubbery which happens so often.  The basil cream was a great way to counteract the saltiness of the olives and sun-dried tomatoes.  I wish I would have asked for the recipe.


Helpful hint: my friend suggested getting a 5:30 PM reservation and ordering by 6 PM to get the twilight discount.

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