The Diner – Farmers Branch, TX


I enjoy The Diner on a regular basis. Formerly a Norma’s, the décor is all diner. I have flashbacks of the sitcom Alice from the 70s every time walk in the door. I can hear Flo saying “Kiss my grits!” when I see this sign.


I ordered the migas. I love them. The scrambled eggs with jalapeños, tortilla strips, tomoatoes and onions are a perfect medley. The Diner throws in some potatoes as well. The migas are good, but I prefer more spice. There were not enough peppers and too many potatoes. The tortilla strips were on the lean side. Come on…give me that crunch!  There was plenty of cheese and the salsa was a decent combination of tomato and spice. The tortillas were ginormous.


I have eaten lunch and dinner at The Diner. This is good food, not the healthiest, but good food. A couple of years ago my coworkers and I were taking a beating at work. We called The Diner at 9 A.M. and ordered a chocolate meringue pie to ease the pain.  It was ready at lunch and we ate every last yummy, creamy bite. We all felt better!


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