These Two!

IMG_9188Late last year I was on the hunt for some travel outfits to take on an upcoming trip to Europe. I headed down to Bishop Arts and in particular to Dwell on Davis where I had purchased clothing before. In fact, I was wearing a Ken & Cody original piece that very day.

As I opened the door and entered I was greeted with, “Well, look that! Wearing one of my designs?” I turned and laid my eyes on Cody for the first time. He was dressed to the nines and he was “taking my inventory”. I confirmed that, yes, I was wearing a Ken & Cody tunic. As quick as that, Cody began snatching clothes off their hangers and ordering me into the dressing room to try them on. It was perfection! How did he do it? After his creation was complete (with accessories) he turned with a wave and said, “I have to head back to the other shop…come over when you are done and you better not be empty handed!”

I was SOLD! I am a Ken & Cody lifer. That blouse was my go-to piece the length of my trip to Europe. It looked great. It traveled well. I could dress it up or dress it down. The best thing. No one else had it.

When I arrived back in the states, I headed straight back to Cody for more. I’m no fool.

Okay, so let me stop here to give you a little background info on Ken and Cody. These two have been friends and business partners for many years. Ken Valencia is a decorated veteran of the design world with an impressive resume including Robert Cavalli Northpark, Neiman Marcus and Donna Karan. Equally talented, Cody Ellison had a career designing creative bedding for Rose Tree.

Cody and Ken purchased their first store, Home on Bishop, in October 2012. The flagship store is known for furniture, home accessories, clothing, jewelry and gifts. The store flourished and the business partners expanded their retail presence and purchased Dwell on Davis two years later.IMG_9171

The second store carries similar items to Home on Bishop, but with a totally different feel. Dwell has more of a feminine, softer feel to it. The store rotates through a cycle of soft signature colors and has a calm, spa-like vibe.IMG_9176

Next up in this real-life version of Monopoly was Bishop Ranch. If Dwell on Davis left you saying, “Ahhhh”; Bishop Ranch will leave you yelling “Yeehaw!” The inspiration for this space Hill Country chic. Think a similar range of products with a leather and smoke edge.IMG_9179

Last but not least was the acquisition of one of Bishop Arts oldest stores, Bishop Street Market in June of 2016. This place is a one-stop shop for any gift you need from candles to lotions to art to gift cards.IMG_9106.JPG

Here the deal. These two geniuses have taken their individual talents and commingled them in way that they have built a small empire of shops. It is epic…truly. Each store has its own style and panache. What you see in one store you won’t find in another; unless Cody walks over and handpicks an item just for you. Yes, he does that. Better yet, there is no replenishing of stock, only replacing. Each piece is handpicked by the pair paying close attention to uniqueness and price. The cherry on top is this. These guys are not just talented and savvy they are two of the nicest guys I have ever met. And there is more to come… as I am typing these words the dynamic duo have decided to rebrand Dwell on Davis and Bishop Ranch. It is going to be great you guys! So, next time you head down to the Bishop Arts District visit Cody and Ken. Tell them I sent you. Heck, I might just see you there!

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  1. Nancy Herndon says:

    These two are the nicest people you will ever meet!


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