Bad Weather Day Shenanigans

The month of April for teachers in Texas can be long. It is a bit of a stretch from spring break to the end of May. The students have spring fever and the teachers are busy as the end of the year is quickly approaching. Everyone needs a break. I so love that our district builds in two days in our calendar for bad weather. It isn’t often that the days are not used for bad weather. This year Mother Nature spared us and we did not use either one. So, we had Good Friday off. How exciting is that?!?! My daughter, Kate, and I werevdetermined to make the most of it.

First Stop: Dallas Museum of Art
The kiddo and I headed down to the DMA for the sought-after Mexico Exhibit. The website warned of long lines lasting up to two hours, so we arrived early to claim our spot. I am so glad we did but it was CRAZY by the time we left the museum. The exhibit was wonderful. Here are some of my favorites.

Jean Charlot – Dance of the Malinches
Frido Kahlo – The Two Fridas
Diego Rivera – The Flower Seller
Frida Kahlo – Itzcuintli Dog with Me

Second stop: Klyde Warren Park
I devoured the BBQ pork banh mi from Nammi Food Truck. It is my favorite banh mi in Dallas. Just wonderful: sweet pork, crunchy cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon, garlic mayo and jalapeno. Yes, please! The only thing that could make it better is washing that banh mi down with Nammi’s basil mint lemonade.
banh mi, nammi food truck, klyde warren park, foodie

Third Stop: Dallas Arboretum
The Arboretum was beautiful and PACKED. Being good Friday, there was many scheduled events. We made the most of it though.

Last stop: Milk-Cream
Milk-Cream’s ice cream stuffed pastries were just what we needed for the end of the day. Okay so picture this…a glazed donut, without the whole, stuffed with ice cream and a topping then heated. Don’t judge it until you try it. It is sublime. I chose coconut ice cream and cinnamon toast crunch cereal. So good!

It was a great day! Thanks Mother Nature.


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