Topsee Tulip Frosting


When Rachel at Topsee Tulip reached out to me and asked me to try their frosting I couldn’t resist. I am no fool! So glad I did because this stuff is crazy good.
IMG_4241Topsee Tulip is simple in the best way. The frostings are made with just four ingredients: powdered sugar, cream cheese, butter and pure vanilla extract. The only difference is the Dutch cocoa added to create the chocolate frosting. I picked up my cartons at Central Market in the freezer section. I defrosted the frosting to room temp and stirred well before using.

First up was a butter cake spread with the chocolate frosting. This frosting MADE the cake. It is sweet with that little tang of the cream cheese. Check out the color of the frosting. The real deal; not that dark gooey gunk.IMG_4209IMG_4212

Next up was the vanilla frosting. I chose to make cherry scones with a dollop of frosting on top. Amazing. The vanilla was just as good as the chocolate. It was creamy, buttery and sinfully decadent.

The real sign of a good frosting is the ability to eat it on its own. I found myself grabbing a spoonful every time I walked by the fridge. Then I started dipping anything and everything I could find in it! It started with a dark chocolate and sea salt bar…strawberries…pretzels…bananas. One morning I even added it to my oatmeal. Take my word for it this frosting does not disappoint. Grab you some soon.

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