You Say Ice Cream, I Say GELATO

IMG_0350You can call him the Gelato Guru or the Wizard of Ice Cream! It makes no matter what you call him, just know his cold creations are epic. I have been a faithful eater of Chef Jungman’s sweet creations since his days at Blue Green Canteen. He is now the pastry chef at both Princi Italia locations.

Chef Jungman (also of Texas Catering, Breadwinners, and Charlie Palmer Steak) is taking gelato to a whole new level with his flavor combinations. The creations are out-of-the-box and bold. I stopped in to try some of his latest creations and they were amazing. Here is the lowdown….

Roasted Banana and Red Hots: not too hot and not too sweet, but just right. You taste the red hots up front followed by the creamy, caramelly (I made that up) banana to even it all out.IMG_0357

Raspberry Lemon Basil: cool and refreshing. Basil can be a bit of a heavy hitter; not so much here. What a medley of freshness.IMG_0361

Spiced Pumpkin, Candied Walnut and White Chocolate: The pumpkin in this gelato is warm and comforting. The crunchy walnuts add a nice texture and the chocolate does not overpower the pumpkin.IMG_0362

Spiced Pumpkin and Oatmeal Cream Pie: I had you at oatmeal cream pie didn’t I?! I think everyone has fond memories of oatmeal cream pies as a kid. Oh man the chewy, soft oatmeal cake and the sweet creamy filling. Well, take all that goodness and blend it into spiced pumpkin gelato. WINNER!IMG_0359

Dr. Pepper Chocolate Pretzel: Yes, please! Think of a frozen ice cream float. The spicy undertones of the DP with the richness of the chocolate and salty crunchiness of the pretzel. It covers all the bases of goodness.IMG_0358

Caramel Star Crunch: this is another throwback to childhood with the addition of the rice crispy-laden star crunch and the decadent caramel gelato. Addictive.IMG_0356

Don’t limit yourself to just gelato. Try one of his amazing desserts while you are there. I was introduced to his seasonal panna cotta of sweet potato and white chocolate with a maple gingersnap crumble then topped with a spiked eggnog whipped cream. Come ON! It was perfection.IMG_0344

Do yourself a flavor favor and check out Chef Jungman’s creations at either Princi Italia location. Call ahead for flavors! You can thank me later. PSST! A little birdie told me there might be Pumpkin Oatmeal Cream Pie in the works!IMG_0364



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