The Dynamic Duo…Better Than Ever

Ken V Headshot-53Ken Valencia and Cody Ellison are the dynamic duo of which I speak. There have been some changes since my previous article…an evolution if you will. I remain a Ken & Cody lifer. Their brand, Bishop Street Apparel by Ken and Cody, is still my go to. The pieces are well-made, colorful and affordable. The pair have a gifted eye for all things; from fashion to decor to art. The friends have joined their gifts and talents into a mini empire in Bishop Arts.

They still own and manage Home on Bishop and Bishop Street Market, but added something new and wonderful. Their most recent endeavor is The Ellison | Valencia Gallery also located just down the street. Ellison | Valencia Gallery features local artists working in various mediums and styles; from watercolor, oil, glass and sculpture. There is art for the lover of every style AND at affordable prices.
Ken V Headshot-35

Why Should You Shop with Cody and Ken?

  1. They support local charities.
  2. They are involved in their communities and community-sponsored events.
  3. They employ mostly retired women.
  4. They manufacture their clothing line in the U.S.A.
  5. They produce their clothing in small batches of only six pieces.
  6. They are who they say they are: good guys.

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